Gurgaon, India

Client: CHD Developers Ltd.
Associate Architect: Design Forum International
Building Type: Corporate HQ, serviced residential, retail
Size: 30,000m² built-up area
Height: 115m (30 storeys)
Project Status: Detail Design


This 30 storey mixed-use tower, situated close to Indira Gandhi International Airport and the historic centre of New Delhi, is an elegant fusion of simple geometry, symmetry and structural pragmatism. Inspired by the geometrical figure known as ‘the flower of life’, the plan is based on a segmented dodecahedron.

The development features an unusual mix of residential, commercial and retail programmes. Retail units and residential Clubhouse facilities wrap around a public plaza at the base of the tower, with Learning Centre and Auditorium at mezzanine level above. This sculpted podium is covered by a green roof with light slots cut into it, to create a ‘man-made’ undulating landscape that provides privacy to residential facilities whilst allowing natural light to filter into the workspaces.

From Level 3 upwards, 180 studio apartments ranging from 35 to 45m2 are distributed over fifteen floors. The plan form allows for twelve identical studio apartments per floor, arranged in a radial pattern. This arrangement allows for a very efficient floorplate, whilst facade area and views are optimised by including private balconies to each unit.

The upper portion of the tower is intended for use as the corporate headquarters of the building owner, distributed over nine floors, with its the top two floors dedicated as executive offices, though with flexibility to convert into residential floors depending on market conditions.

Skygardens punctuate the height of the tower allowing daylight to permeate into the centre of the plan. The tapering profile of the Tower both at the top and at the base, gives it a light and dynamic feel, and is crowned with a crystalline canopy that supports the ‘floating’ Helipad which, when illuminated at night, appears as a ‘halo’ visible across the city.