Satin Hills

Pune, India

Client: Saarrthi
Building Type: Luxury residential
Size: 56,000m²
Height: 70m (23 storeys)
Project Status: Schematic Design


The Satin Hills apartment complex is located on a green hillside overlooking the Bhavdvan valley, in the western suburbs of Pune - a university town and the eight largest metropolis in India. The development is part of a larger residential development which includes both villas and apartments.

The 13,068m2 heavily contoured site has a number of setback and zoning constraints resulting in a buildable footprint area of just 4,092m2, within which an ambitious brief of over 305 apartments, 500 parking spaces and a number of amenities were to be accommodated.

The apartments are organised in two 70m tall blocks with eight apartments per floor. The blocks are offset to maximise views and avoid overlooking. Refuge areas located on bridges that span between the two blocks at every fourth floor, are utilised as green skygardens, thus turning a zoning requirement into a unique amenity.

The building is accessed via an imposing double height entrance lobby. Parking is contained within three podium levels and two basement levels which are carved into the hillside, forming an elevated platform with swimming pool and terrace overlooking the valley beyond.

Satin Hills