M3M Marconi

Gurgaon, India

Client: M3M India
Building Type: Retail, Office and Residential
Area: 18,000m² FAR + Parking
Height: 35m
Project Status: Detail Development


M3M Marconi is a superior mixed-used development offering a mix of retail, commercial and residential spaces strategically located in the heart of Gurgaon. The scheme consists of two distinct buildings with direct frontage on to a 60m wide road adjoining the exclusive Golf Course Road.  

The two buildings are separated by a 24m wide road which will become one of the principal access roads to M3M’s prestigious Golf Estates which is currently under construction. The development has been designed as a visual gateway, framing the views towards M3M’s St Andrews tower and Golf Estates Phase 2, celebrating this key access point. 

Both buildings are designed around the concept of layered volumes. The lower volumes of each of the two buildings consist of two levels of retail with a combined height of 9.5m. This monolithic plinth is designed to maximize both natural light and shop frontage onto the two principal arteries. The architectural articulation of the plinth is purposely horizontal with continuous integrated signage bands wrapping around the volumes giving these retail arcades a consistently high-end modern feel. The retail units are designed as standard modules of 3.2m x 12m, with a floor to floor height of 5m at ground and 3.2m x 10m with a floor to floor height of 4.5m at level 01 to provide the most optimized layout. 

The upper volume on the south block accommodates four levels of prime office space. The façade of this upper volume is expressed as a series of rectangular glass boxes that break up the continuous plane of the façade and give the overall building a distinct vertical rhythm. These finely crafted glass boxes are visually separated by recessed bands of louvered façade which will accommodate and conceal all of the air-conditioning units.

The upper volume of the north block accommodates 6 levels of serviced 1 BHK apartment suites. Each residential unit measures 3.2m x m and benefits from a floor to floor height of 3.5m targeting a clear ceiling height of at least 3m.  Every apartment benefits from a balcony which also acts as a natural shading device allowing for full height glazing to the apartments. The balconies are ordered into vertical arrays visually contained within an elegant frame which, similar to the south building are separated by recessed louvered bands housing the required air-conditioning units. 

M3M Marconi
m3m marconi