Golf Estate Twin Towers

Gurgaon, India

Client: M3M India
Building Type: High-end residential
Size: 78,000 m²
Height: 189.5m (52 Storeys)
Project Status: Tender (under construction)


The Golf Estate Twin Towers are part of a 75 acre residential masterplan designed around a 9-hole golf course. The brief called for orthogonally planned buildings, in keeping with the overall masterplan, whilst at the same time reflecting the curves and undulations of the golf course. The Towers are designed as extruded blocks that merge into the landscape.

As they near the ground, the two 190m tall towers connect, boosting the floor plate area to accommodate larger apartments, as well as a number of amenities including infinity pool and restaurant, all of which benefit from generous terraces overlooking the East Fairway.

On the opposite side of the building, facing east, an incredible lobby space 15m high, with panoramic elevators that travel up to 30m in height, forms the main entrance for both towers. The Towers boast a range of luxury apartments from 2,800sq ft three-bedroom units to 6,000sq ft Penthouses, all with panoramic views over the golf course.

As the jewel in the crown of the second development phase of this five million square foot development, the Twin Towers form a ‘bookend’ at the south eastern edge of the site.

Golf Estate Twin Towers