Escala Residential Tower

Gurgaon, India

Client: M3M India
Typology: Residential
Area: 18,000m²
Height: 75m (25 storeys)
Project Status: Completed


This luxury residential tower for M3M India had already received outline planning consent when UHA was appointed with a brief to completely re-design the façade, whilst leaving the approved building footprint and volume largely unchanged. Given the limited opportunities available to remodel the building, it was decided modify the façade through the use of balcony profiles and external façade elements.

With a height restriction of 70m, the main challenge was to articulate the building volume - to break up and lighten the overall massing - whilst accentuating the verticality of this mid-height tower. This vertical articulation included extending the structural shear walls outwards from the existing façade line to be expressed as continuous vertical elements. Similarly, external escape stairs and service ducts were expressed to create visual breaks within the horizontal bands of residential blocks.

Three distinct balcony profiles were used in combination to soften the corners of the tower, provide greater privacy between apartments and enhance the exclusivity of each unit. The top of the building was further articulated by stepping the distinct volumes to accommodate a variety of terraces, skygardens and amenity spaces.

The development offers a mix of two and three bedroom apartments, ranging from 140 sq m to 325 sq m and a range of amenities including pool, tennis court, basketball, cricket pitch and jogging track, all set amongst landscaped gardens.

Escala Residential Tower