Biometropolis Eco Tower

Mexico City, Mexico

Client: Scientika / Pitroda Group
Building Type: Mixed-use
Size: 55,600m² + 45,000m² parking
Height: 162m (38 storeys)
Project Status: Schematic Design


Proposed as the first truly sustainable tower in Latin America, the Biometropolis ‘Eco’ Tower employs both passive and active sustainable principles to harness the elements through the innovative use of building apertures, planting, solar energy, water collection & recycling.

This 160m tall mixed use tower contains predominantly residential and commercial office space specifically with the pharmaceutical industry in mind. The building also has a more public component at the base, including a conference centre together with food and beverage outlets.

The Biometropolis tower changes in appearance from every angle – on approach from either direction along the Periferico highway the building initially appears as a single tower, only revealing its twin tower structure when drawing close. The twin core plan is an inherently stable structural solution and appropriate response in this highly seismic zone.

The large multi-storied openings decrease wind load and aid the natural ventilation of the building by funnelling the air. Green terraces at the perimeter of every floor create a vertical garden the full height of the building, reducing stormwater run-off, filtering air pollution, adding mass and thermal resistance and facilitating evaporative cooling. Crowning the building, a raised canopy carrying a photovoltaic array floats across a rooftop garden.

Biometropolis  Eco Tower