Shymkent Mall

Shymkent, Kazakhstan

Client: Smart Oil
Typology: Shopping Mall
Area: 57,000m² + Parking
Height: 33m (4 storeys)
Project Status: Schematic Design


Shymkent is the third most populous city of Kazakhstan and largest city in southern region of the country, with a rapidly growing young population due to migration from rural areas towards this important urban centre. Strategically located 5km North-East of the city centre, this significant retail development is located at the heart of a 364 hectare masterplan, which will become the new administrative and business centre of
Shymkent, complete with new City Mosque.

More than just the first modern retail experience in the city, the Mall provides much needed entertainment and leisure facilities for the wider community and features the city’s first public
aquarium as an educational centrepiece to the building, together with a family friendly ‘Kidzone’ and IMAX cinema. The Signature Mall aims to create a sense of place for the local populace, which has a relatively high proportion of children, teenagers and young adults.

With a total area of almost 100,000m2 the Mall accommodates 42,000m2 of gross leasable area for middle and upper middle-tier retail brands. Retail units are organized over three principal floor levels with two basement levels for parking and services. The principal entrance to the mall is from East, with vehicular drop-off area from the highway.

Shymkent Mall



Architecture: UHA London
Structure: Werner Sobek Engineering
MEP: Werner Sobek Engineering
Facade: Werner Sobek Engineering
Retail Consultant: DTZ